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Climate Action – The Solutions

Platform serves as a central hub, enabling enterprises to precisely assess, track, and oversee their carbon emissions, credits, and settlement processes. It encompasses a wide array of tools and functionalities, encompassing carbon, accounting, footprint computation, Credit Indexing, project selection, documentation administration, credit issuance, swift global settlement, and credit indexing.

Our platform leverages advanced data analytics and automation to streamline the carbon credit process, ensuring accuracy,
transparency, and compliance.

Embark on your sustainability journey hassle-free. Streamline the consolidation of your emissions data, assess your carbon footprint, track your progress through reporting, and seamlessly diminish your carbon emissions.
Streamlined data collection
Carbon emissions calculator
Decarbonization action plan
Annual reporting
Communication & customer service support
Personalised support along your sustainability journey and tailor-made decarbonisation strategy for your portfolio, business units or subsidiaries.
Multi facilities management
Customizable reporting
Personalized decarbonization action plan
Compensation portfolio
Dedicated customer success guidance
Data mapping support
Receive personalized assistance throughout your sustainability journey, along with a custom-designed decarbonization strategy crafted for your portfolio, business units, or subsidiaries.
Data mapping support
Custom emissions calculation
Regulatory compliant reporting
Decarbonization strategy building
Complete support on decarbonisation journey